WAKEN COUNTER, disposable hemocytometer

Disposable hemocytometer type counting chamber

These disposable counting chambers are like the well known classical blood counting chambers, but are more cost effective because they have two cell counting surfaces per plate.
A sterilized version of this product is also available for aseptic procedures.

  • Formation
  • Simple Grid Pattern
    The simple design of the grid pattern makes cell counting simple and user friendly.
  • Safety
    This product is disposable and reduces the risks associated with the handling of infectious samples.
  • Easy to handle
    When pressure is applied to the edge of the plate, the opposite side come off the surface. This design makes the device very easy to use even by an operator wearing gloves.
  • High-Speed Filling
    Cell samples are drawn into the chambers immediately and uniformly. This makes the procedure easy and reproducible. Operators can handle large numbers of samples without becoming stressed.
  • Sterilized Package
    Sterilized packages are available. These double layered packs contain 10 pieces and are designed for use in the clean room.