Quality Policy

Quality Management System
ISO9001 Certification



We have been granted ISO9001 certification.
We find out the needs of customers and strive to develop and offer high quality products and services to increase customer satisfaction and trust.
Based on our company policy “Contribution to society through our businesses”, we take aim to contribute to the happiness of our employees and local community and to grow permanently as a company.
For mentioned above, we establish a quality management system, and all the employees including a company president work on for improvement of the system operation and effectiveness.

We also carry out the followings.

  • We match the purpose of quality policy with direction of business, and set quality goal that we should achieve. We also properly promote and manage the quality policy by making use of the PDCA cycle, including review.
  • We comply with customer’s requirements and legal requirements and develop high quality products and services that meet requirements of customers.
  • We strive to learn expertise, technical skills and sales capabilities through active education and training.
  • We concentrate our knowledge to improve the management foundation of our company and work environment.
  • We think the interactive communication of employees as important, display the quality policy in-house to all the employees understand and execute. We also strive to create a vibrant organization and the company through making use of meetings and IT.
  • We keep society’s responsibility as a company, such as constantly changing needs of customers and compliance in mind, and we review the quality management system and maintain suitability and conformity.
Registration No. Effective date of certification Date of expiry
ISAQ948 September 23, 2020 October 26, 2023