Company History

WAKENYAKU Co., Ltd. was established in 1972 in Kyoto Japan.

At that time the word “Biotechnology” did not yet exist, and research institutions and universities such as Kyoto University had just started the molecular biology research related to cells and genes.

WAKENYAKU Co., Ltd. previously only handled reagents and analytical devices for use in research in several fields, started to import and sell the most-advanced research equipment from Europe and North America.

This covered some of the demand for research by scientists who had studied abroad and returned to continue their work in Japan.

That was the beginning of Waken B Tech Co., Ltd.

Since that time we have been importing and selling a range of superior equipment from overseas.

Our product sales were consistent from start and we also offered excellent maintenance and service.

However, beside operating as an importer of biotechnical equipment, we also began to develop many of our own unique products that other companies did not have.

We now specialize in cell culture related equipment and consumables and have entered into areas such as the supply of equipment to pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical companies as well as vaccine manufacturing plants and all the related research areas.

We hope to become a leading company in this regard.

We have reorganized divisions and after March 2012 our group companies including such as WAKENYAKU Co., Ltd became part of a new holdings company WAKEN Holdings., LTD.

We hope to expand our business overseas and support the advancement of biotechnology and the life science through our business operation.

Main Products

  • ・CO2 Incubator & cell culture related instruments
  • ・Bio Safety Cabinet & CleanBench
  • ・Cell homogenizer
  • ・Lab automation related instruments
  • ・Consumables.pipet, pipet tips, cell culture related consumables
  • ・Reagents & kits. Related with cell culture, protein crystallography

Main Business Partners





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