Cell Culture Dishes/Flasks Container designed to reduce contamination risks.

MyCanister is a specialized containment receptacle designed to reduce contamination risks and facilitate the effective management of cell culture groups. MyCanister has highly tight seal and specially designed filters that keeps out germs, mold and other sources of contamination.

  • Transparent design
    MyCanister has a transparent cover. Due to its design operators can monitor cultured cells without removing the cover.
  • Lightweight
    MyCanister is lightweight. It can handle easily.
  • High Security against Contamination
    MyCanister has specialized filters. It permits air but excludes microbial contaminants like germs, viruses and fungal spores. The interior environment of the MyCanister is not disturbed by outside air. MyCanister protects cultured cells from outside air and contaminants.
  • Autoclavable
    MyCanister is autoclavable and can be sterilized by ethylene oxide gas. (*Filters are exception.)
  • Easy Identification
    Labels can be applied to the cover, it enables to identify samples easily.

*Note : MyCanister reduce contamination risks but does not prevent contamination completely.

Item No.Description
WDC-MC1Mycanister x 1
WC-MC6MyCanister x 6
WDC-MC1FTReplacement Filter for MyCanister x 4pcs
WDC-MC1F10Replacement Filter for MyCanister (4pcs x 10 )