Edge-less Rack

Tube rack for 6×50mL / 12×15mL centrifuge tubes

This edge-less rack with a unique design keeps tubes safe and secure when they are being handled in the laboratory.
The rack holds six 50mL tubes and the absence of sharp edges prevents accidents and makes the rack very easy to clean.



  • Unique Design
    This product is made of uncoated stainless steel wire. It has no sharp edges or corners, is easy to load and safe to use.
  • No scratching
    No sharp edges to scratch the hands, or to tear or puncture laboratory gloves.
  • Clean Design
    Proper intervals between tubes prevent cross-contamination.
  • High Usability
    Tubes are easy to place and remove.
  • Design does not allow fibers to accumulate
    This rack is easy to clean and will not accumulate fibers from laboratory wipes.
  • Suitable for Clean rooms and Isolators
    The clean and safe design is suitable for use in an aseptic environment.