Ag+goods!, water quality stabilizer

Silver ion antibacterial / water quality stabilizer

Ag+goods! is a silver anti-microbial agent. Just put it into the water,
Ag+goods! keeps water clean and stops growth of microorganisms.
Ag+goods! is suitable for CO2 incubators, Water baths and Water chillers.

  • Easy to Use
    Keeps water clean, just put Ag+goods! into water. It remains effective for up to six months.
  • Power of Silver Ion(Ag+)
    Ag+goods! reduces the risks of contamination by bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.
  • Special Structure
    Even if water level drops, Ag+goods! remains effect because of its thin design.
  • Harmless to Cells
    The silver ions do not diffuse into the air. Ag+goods! keeps water clean and has no effect on cultured cells.
  • Excellent Antimicrobial Effect
    Performance tests carried out with Staphylococcus aureus, E coli and viruses showed that Ag+goods! kills them within 8 hours of its being placed in contaminated water.