CryoTrack, RFID Tag Embedded Label

The RFID is a superior technology that allows non-contact sample identification, however there are a number of formidable challenges in terms of operability and usability. We succeeded in achieving non-contact identification while retaining the usability, by embedding thin RFID tag between conventional sample labels.

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  • Temperature range that corresponds to sample management
    Our proprietary verifications confirmed long-term and low-temperature storage resistance with liquid nitrogen at liquid phase temperature (-196c).
  • RFID tag data writing and label printing at the same time
    RFID tag data writing and label printing at the same time when label is issued. Data backup is possible even if the RFID tag breaks down.
  • No specific type of tube needs to be used
    The usability of the sample control label, with existing track records, remain the same. Tubes that are currently in use can be used when transitioning to the RFID control, without changing any tube.
  • Coordination with automatic labeler
    In addition to printing and loading data, automation can be extended to include automated adhesion on tubes by coordinating with the Spin Labeler, which is an automatic tube labeler.
  • High-speed scanning available with RFID
    A dedicated reader-writer unit can be used to perform a batch identification of 100 tubes in just a few seconds, even when they are frozen at -150°C. *It is not possible to identify positional information in the box.
  • Customizable
    Label sizes and RFID tags can be customized to suit dimensions of sample containers and applications.