Introduction of our large incubator MLF series for cell production.


We are a lab equipment manifacturer who has more than 40 years of experiences in the field of cell culture equipment. We developed MaxCell MLF large incubator based on our experience and knowledge. MaxCell MLF series are incubators compatible with 40-layer flasks like CellSATCK and CellFactory(CF40/52).

There are dedicated trolley, cart and handmanipulator for the MLF series which enable an operator to easily transport and place them in the chamber of MLF.

2 models are available, MLF1 and MLF2.
MLF1 can accomodate 4 ea of 40-layer flasks, and MLF2 can accomodate 8 ea of 40-layer flasks.

Our MLF series can maintain temperature, CO2 concentration stably inside the chamber, and also the flasks can be placed firmly thanks to its design.


Incubators used for multi-layer flasks often have weekpoints as follows.

  • Chamber temperature is not stable.
  • CO2 concentration is not stable.
  • The cart for flasks is not balanced.
  • Temperature and CO2 distribution in the chamber are not good.
  • Gas consumption rate is very high due to poor sealing.
  • and others…

Of course, we can develop larger incubators that can accomodate 16 ea of flasks or 32 ea of flasks. However, we have developped the MLF series with the belief of providing customer with superior incubators which do not have those week points, and then we have concluded that those capacities (4ea or 8ea of flasks) are the best solutions for overcoming the weak points.
That’s why, it seems that the small capacity of MLF series might not meet customer’s requirement that they want to place as many flasks as possible in the incubator, but it is a great advantage for their precious cells.

There is also a forcibly gas infusion option for the MLF series.
In the MLF with this option, CO2 gas is forcibly infused into the falsks through connected gas tubes. CO2 concentration and culture medium pH inside the flask can be mainteined at a steady value by forcibly infusing CO2 gas into the flask.

However, please pay attention to the following 2 points and adjust gas pressure properly.

  1. Flasks are likely to be broken easily due to its inside positive pressure caused by focibly gas infuision.
  2. In addition to the above, evaporation rate of the medium is faster than the usual. Customers have to replace or refill the medium in a short intervals otherwise the medium could dry up so fast.
Forcibly gas infusion option
Hand Manipulator for 40/52-layered flask

Multi-layer flasks are very useful for cell production, regenerative medicine manufacturing and so on, but several problems typically come with those flasks. For instance, it is annoying and laborious work to pour medium into the flasks as well as to dispense medium to each layer evenly. Additionally, it is hard for an operator to handle the flasks in a safety cabinet or clean bench, and operators who handle such flasks have to acquire aseptic manipulation skills.

Some large automated machines have been developed to solve the above problems. Our MLF is compatible with the one of those machines made by Shikoku Keisoku. We also provide our unique product HM40. The product is the hand manipulator for a 40/52-layer flask and more economical than the automated machine.

Depending on its contents, we could also meet customer’s requirement, customizing their product.
Please let us know if there are any requirements. Please note that the extra fee might be required for the cutomization.

Check the MLF introduction video below!
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