Advantages of WATERBAG as humidification resource


WATERBAG developed by WAKEN B TECH is a goods for humidifying a chamber of a cell cultuer incubator and suitable for strictly regulated clean area like CPC, clean rooms and so on. Those areas are subject to some problems for keeping cleanliness, in particular prohibition of bringing water into those areas is the most annoying problem.

Generally, incubators are installed in those areas and need water to humidify its chamber.
However, as mentioned above, bringing water into those areas is strictly restricted and also there are risks of contamination since water used for humidification is usually sterile distilled water that is susceptible to microorganisms including bacteria, viruses and so on.

This problem can be overcome by using WATERBAG.

WATERBAG is constructed from 2 parts. The bag part is made of Nylon and Low density Polyethylene, and humidity permeable filter is made of Tybek® 1073B (Dupont).

Tybek® 1073B is used for packing a lot of kinds of medical devices and medicines, and it has a unique feature like letting air and vapor pass through it, but particles like microorganisms including viruses cannot.
(You can see the details of Tybek® 1073B on the Dupont website.)

We focused on this feature and developped WATERBAG as humidification source of incubators that didn’t have any risks of contamination. (Patent holded)

For example, theoretically, there is no risk for samples to be contaminated even if microbial contaminated water is in WATERBAG because microorganisms cannot come out through the filter.
*Please note that we are not able to guarantee that contamination risks are prevented completely by using WATERBAG. Also, please use sterile distilled water for WATERBAG, not to use tap water or contaminated water.

Humidification performance of WATERBAG is compatible with a water pan as showed below. WATERBAG can make good humidification environment in the chamber.

Of course, WATERBANG can be used in CPC and clean rooms. It is also suitable for any cases in which an operator handles sesitive and precious cells and wants to decrease contamination risks.

WATERBAG is packed by using 2-layer films and sterilized by gamma ray irradiation so that an operator bring it into clean areas. WATERBAG can be used easily since there is a reclosable zipper on it, and the zipper prevent water from leaking out.

However, there is a risk of water leakage if the zipper is not closed completely. Therefore, we recommend using a AnyLock to prepvent that. AnyLock is available online, or we can provide it if customers hope.
Of course, besides Anylock, other similar goods can be used if it can seal WATERBAG securely.

It should be noted that WATERBAG cannot be used in incubators that have dew points in the chamber. Some incubators have dew points to form condensation on purpose for controlling humidity inside the chamber.
Condensed water accumulate at the bottome of the chamber when WATERBAG is used in such incubators.

In addition to that, please turn off the water level sensor when putting WATERBAG in incubators which have that function.

We can offer 2-3 qty of WATERBAG as a sample if you want to try. Please feel free to contact us throuhg the contact page! (* Please note that the shipping fee will be covered by a consignee.)

Comfortable cell culture with WATERBAG!