WATERBAG, Permeable Humidity Control Bag

Permeable Humidity Control Bag for CO2 Incubator, to avoid contamination risk

The WATERBAG has a permeable surface made of Dupont Tyvek® and will provide constant clean humidification to the interior environment of an incubator. The bag has very good vapor permeability, but great resistance to the penetration of microorganisms.

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  • Utilizing Dupont Tybek®
    The humidity transmission surface of the WATERBAG is made of medical grade Dupont Tybek® 1073B which allows the transmission of water vapor, but is impervious to liquid water.
  • Easy Handling
    The top of the bag has a zipper seal allowing the bag to be easily refilled with water.
  • Water Capacity
    The WATERBAG easily holds 1L but will take up to 1.5L of water.
  • Avoids Contamination from Water
    Tyvek® has great resistance to penetration by microorganisms and should the water in the WATERBAG become contaminated there is no danger to the cell cultures from this source.
  • Good Humidification Performance
    One WATERBAG provides enough humidification for CO2 incubators of 150-180L capacity.
  • Steriled Product for Cell Processing
    Sterilized product packed in double layer is available.
    Please contact us for more information.

Note: WATERBAG cannot be used in incubators that have a dew point in the chamber. Please check if your incubator has a dew point in its chamber in advance.