Product Introduction:Gas cylinder auto changer


You don’t need to worry about shortage of CO2 gas anymore!

Our Gas Cylinder Auto Changer 8500 allows an incubator to have 2 gas cylinders, main and spare gas cylinders.
By using this product with your CO2 incubators, it can prevent CO2 gas cylinder from being empty durign cell culture.

8500 detects the gas pressure supplied from a gas cylinder, and it sounds an alarm to alert an operator and changes to a spare cylinder automatically once the gas pressure goes down to 30kPa or below.
CO2 gas is an important factor for cell culture as also stated in Gas Tester blog.
CO2 concentration decrease during cell culture leads to losing buffer effect, and also the medium pH could likely be alkaline once CO2 supply stops due to gas shortage.

It affects not only proliferation rate, but it also leads to cell shrinkage and cell death at worst.
In particular, since an operator cannot recognize the remaining amount of gas, looking at its appearance, they cannot know exactly when the gas runs out.

Since there is someone in a labratory during daytime, they can find gas shortage easily and replace gas cylinder with the new quickly because an operator learns that CO2 gas is running out, listening to incubator alarm sound.
However, since no one works in a lab during night and holidays, medium pH might change due to gas shortage.
By using 8500, this trouble can be avoided.
8500 is compatible with inactivated gases like N2 gas besides CO2 gas, so it can be used for low O2 concentration culture.
With easy-to-read LCD touch screen on the device, an operator can operate 8500 intuitively.

Also, the gas pressure supplied to the device form a gas cylinder is shown on the screen, therefore an operator can estimate the time when the gas cylinder runs out.
Realize confident cell culture by using our 8500!