Would you like to start regular measurement of CO2 concentration of your incubators with our user-friendly GT100 gas analyzer?


Cell culture is one of the most essential processes, in biological research and regenerative medicine field.
Temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration are important environmental factors for cell culture.
Incubators precisely control these parameters and provide optimal environment for cells.

These three parameters are important factors for keeping the quality of cells, and failure in controlling them will give damage to cultured cells.
For example, temperature is generally set at 37C to simulate human body temperature so that cells can proliferate in suitable conditions. High humidity prevents media from evaporating.

And then, CO2 is usually set at ≻5% to keep buffer effect of H2CO3 - HCO3- and prevent media pH from fluctuating.
For example, the buffer effect could be unstable when CO2 concentration is lower than 5%, and in that case, media pH would become alkaline.
Once the media pH become alkaline, it would affect cultured cells and lead to cytoplasm shrinkage and cell death at worst.
Quality of cells might become worse in that conditions even if cell death does not occur.

As the above, CO2 is a key factor that directly affects quality of cultured cells.
It is important to regularly measure CO2 concentration and confirm the concentration is properly kept at desired value.

However, CO2 measurement device (CO2 tester/analyzer) is typically expensive or/and difficult to use so it might be hard for users to regularly use it.
We started developping CO2 analyzer that can be easily used and can be sold at reasonable price, adddressing these issues, in January 2022.

After many trials and errors, we finally completed GT100 CO2 gas analyzer that has functionalities, meanwhile we tried to keep the price down.

This CO2 gas analyzer is developed by WAKEN B TECH and manufactured in Japan. There are only three buttons on the device, an operator can easily measure CO2 concentration in a couple of minutes with simple operation. GT100 can store the measurement results in a microSD card inserted. (* A microSD card is sold separately.)

Besides, the color LCD screen clearly shows the displayed information on the screen. Once the calibration expiration date becomes close, “Calibration Recommended” is displayed in red on the screen.

If you would like to regularly measure CO2 concetration of your incubators with our GT100 in order to keep higher quality of your precious cells, pleae contact for more detailed information through our contact form below!