2D Bar-Coded Sample Storage Tube

This sample storage tube with 2D bar code is “96-tube format outer cap tube” that has as far not ever placed on a market and is suitable for sample management. This product provides more storage volume and more space as saving around space compared with same size conventional inner cap tube.

  • Diminish contamination risk
    This product is an outer cap tube. The design contributes to diminish contamination risk, and this tube has less contamination risk than the inner cap one.
  • Sample volume
    This product is compact but has enough sample volume space. This tube saves 33% more space and provides 14% more sample storage volume than other inner cap tubes.
  • 2D bar code
    2D bar code (DATA MATRIX) is located on the bottom of the tube and enable operators to identify tubes easily.
  • Tube Jacket
    This tube is covered by a jacket with a 1D bar code. 1.0mL or 0.7mL tube without a jacket are also available.
  • Color variation
    Can choose prefer color cap from 6 colors (white, red, yellow, navy, water blue, green).
  • Labeled Rack
    1D bar code label is stuck on as standard.
  • Cryotube for cryobox
    Customized tube that fits with conventional cryoboxes are also available.