Block ACE

ELISA/Western blotting blocking agent

Block Ace is a new blocking agent prepared from lactprotein. Since lactprotein contains a lot of hydrophobic groups, it shows an more excellent blocking effect on nonspecific adsorption of antigens or antibodies in the ELISA, RIA and immunoblocking methods compared with the conventional blocking agents such as BSA(Bovine Serum Albumin).



  • Easy to use
    Normally, just dissolve 4g of Block Ace in 100mL of water. This solution is used as stock, and it can be used as it is for Western blotting. Dilute it 2-4 times if it is used for ELISA.
  • Reduce non-specific binding
    In comparison to BSA, Block Ace provides reduced backgrounds and sharper standard curves.
  • Cost Effective
    Block Ace is more economical than BSA.
  • Safety and Clean
    Block Ace has been heat-treated. Antibodies, enzymes and viruses derived from cow have been inactive.

Standard curves of hIg for ELIZA when performed with Block Ace and with BSA/PBS