ATTRAN, Carrier material for cultured cell sheets

Carrier material for cultured cell sheets

ATTRAN consists of a polylactic acid base coated with a mixture containing, as its main ingredients, the patented material that dissolves at relatively low temperature. Because of this formulation, ATTRAN adheres better to cells and yet peels from cells more easily compared with existing silicon gauze or cellulose carrier materials, in addition to being flexible and hydrophilic.

  • Easy to put on and take off
    It is easy for carrier to remove from the affected area by melting of the temperature-sensitive mixture.
  • Shape stability
    Cellulose-based carrier may curl, but ATTRAN has a stable shape and does not curl.
  • Good flexibility
    ATTRAN has followability on bumpy surface of affected area because of soft material composed by non-woven fabric and mixture.