CFT2/CFT1.5/AT6 Transporter

Frozen cell transporter using dry ice up to 1 hour

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CFT2 Transporter


CFT1.5 Teansporter


AT6 Transporter

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ThawSTAR CFT2/CFT1.5 Transporter
Comprised of an outer insulative foam lid and base, and an internal round CFT2 Core that accommodates up to five 1.8 or 2.0 mL (CFT2), or five 1.5 mL (CFT1.5) cryogenic vials.
Prior to using the ThawSTAR® CFT Transporter, a thin layer of dry ice is added to the bottom of the base. The round CFT2 Core is placed over the dry ice and allowed to equilibrate to dry-ice temperature (approximately 20 minutes). Frozen vial is then extracted from storage and quickly placed into the module. The lid is placed securely on top of the base and all samples are maintained at dry ice temperature until transported to the thawing location.

ThawSTAR AT6 Transporter
The transporter is comprised of an insulative foam base and lid, and a AT6 Core that accommodates up to six 6.0 mL AT-Closed Vials®.
ThawSTAR® AT6 Transporter is a portable solution for handling and transporting frozen vials from long-term storage in vapor phase liquid nitrogen or in a -80°C freezer to downstream thawing with the ThawSTAR AT6 Automated Cell Thawing Instrument.

*We distribute this product in Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. In regard to distribution in other countries, please contact BioLife Solutions.