CryoHandy, Portable Dry-Shipper

Cryo-transportation vessel for biological samples

“An Easily Carried Compact Dry Shipper”
CryoHandy uses liquid nitrogen to provide a <-150℃ cryogenic environment for the transport of biological samples.
A display indicates the inside temperature during transportation.
CryoHandy is suitable for use in clean rooms, hospitals, clinics, and laboratories.

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  • Maintains  Samples Temperature of <-150℃
    Maintains an internal temperature of -150℃ for up to four hours.
  • Temperature Indication
    Temperature display is located on the lid. (Battery life is 2,500hr)
  • Easy to handle
    Compact and portable, a convenient means of transport from clean rooms to other facilities.
  • Hygienic Design
    The device is waterproof and can be disinfected using alcohol.

*The battery and absorbent cannot be replaced. Please purchase new product when the battery is flat or the absorment deteliorates.

We measured the inside temperature of CryoHandy after filling LN₂. The result is shown below. CryoHandy was able to keep the temperature <-150℃ up to 4 hours.
* Please note that we do not guarantee that CryoHandy always holds <-150℃ for 4 hours, because the holding time depends on many factors like ambient temperature, the volume of absorbed LN2 and so on.

CryoHandy is smaller than the other conventional dry shipper.
Therefore, it is easy to prepare and handle.

CryohandyCOnventional dry shipper
Weight(Filling condition)750g8700g
Adsorbed amount of LN2210g4100g
Storage capacity839
Precooling time30min2hr
Temeprature holding time(<-150C)Up to 4hr15days

Catalog NumberM7CRHD000
Dimension143 × 87 (mm)
(Lid included)
180 × 98 (mm)
Weight : Dry condition520g
Weight : Filled condition750g
Amount of LN2 Absorbed230g
Sample Storage Capacity
(1~2mL Tube)
8 tubes(Max 12mm Dia x 50mm high)
Preparation Time30 min
Temperature Holding Time (<-150℃)4 hr
*The holding time might not reach 4 hours depending on ambient temperature or other factors.
Temperature SensorStainless
Tube RetainerPolyurethane Foam
LN2 AbsorbentResin Embedded Material
Temperature SensorType K Thermocouple
Auto Power-off3min