Product introduction: Fine View Dish


“Glass bottom dish” is a plastic culture dish with a thin glass plate attached to the bottom of the dish.
Culturing cells with this dish, researchers can obtain clear confocal and high magnification microscope images.
The bottom of the dish ,Fine view dish, is made of quartz glass that has excellent fluorescence transparency.
There are many kinds of glasses, such as soda glass, lead glass, borosilicate glass, quartz glass and so on..

Soda glass is widely used for windows of houses and buildings and the most commonly used glass in the world. The main ingredients of soda glass are Na2O, SiO2 and CaO, and soda glass is characterized by its color that appears slight blue. Since soda glass is mainly made from Si, the price is inexpensive.

Lead glass is sometimes called “Crystal glass” due to its good transparency. Lead glass contains PbO besides SiO2 and K2O, and it is the characteristic of lead glass. Since lead glass can reduce X ray and radial ray transmission, it was at first developed for the purpose of preventing healthcare workers from exposure to those kinds of harmful radial rays.
Since lead glass has good refractive index, it is widely used for optical lenses, too.

Borosilicate glass is used as heat-resistant glass. Borosilicate glass mainly contains Na2O, Al2O3 and B2O3 in addition to SiO2, and is used for beakers, flasks, heat-resistant containers and the glass of car headlights.

Quartz glass is made from crystal, and mainly contains SiO2.
Glasses other than quartz glass contain impurities because they are made from silica sand, but quartz glass contains little impurities (in particular metal impurities) because it is made from melting crystal. Thanks to this differnce, quartz glass absorbs little light, and the light transmission is extremely good. Quartz glass is used for lenses, prisms due to its remarkable transparency.

Glasses other than quartz glasses are slight bluish or greenish because they contain impurities, but quartz glass looks almost clear because it contains little impurities.
For that, theoretically, quartz glass appears transparent no matter how thick it becomes.
Taking advantage of this properties, quartz glass is used for optical fiber.

As the above, quartz glass has extreme transparency, so a researcher can get clear images from fluorescence observation that are performed in the field of molecular biology by using quartz glass.
Because the bottom of the Fine view dish is made of quartz glass plate and its autofluorescence is extremely low, it can provide a researcher with high-contrast images since autofluorescence of the glass is extremely low.

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